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Hilleshög Seed LLC

Premium Breeder of Sugarbeet Seed Since 1907

Our history

Growers who know Hilleshög have seen many iterations of the brand’s structure over the decades. From Western Sugar’s Mono-Hy seed division to Hilleshög AB to Sandoz to Novartis to Syngenta. But one thing remains the same — outstanding genetics and superior breeding of sugarbeet seed with roots firmly planted in the Swedish sugar industry.

In October 2017, the Danish seed company DLF took over the brand and sugarbeet activities to establish a new strategic business unit. DLF is a cooperative owned by more than 300 farmers.

Hilleshög employs more than 300 people worldwide — with all dedicated to sugarbeet seed. Breeding and seed production sites are located in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France and in the U.S.

The former Hilleshög site in Landskrona, is now the base for the R&D activities.

Today the Hilleshög brand is widely marketed to the sugar industry and beet growers as a high quality sugarbeet seed brand.

Our seed

One size doesn’t fit all. Just as climate, soil conditions and diseases vary across growing regions, so does our seed. 

Hilleshög offers a full portfolio of sugarbeet seed varieties, each bred for specific climates, local growing conditions and disease/pest tolerance.

Our seed is tested and checked intensively throughout the entire production process. Seed vigor and ability to germinate is checked after every single step — with only 10-20% of harvested seed passing our stringent testing procedures.

We are also very active with in-field research, testing and oversight, working with local sugar companies to provide premium seed to their growers.

Our Agents are growers’ neighbors, friends and trusted resources to advise customers on planting the best seed for their operation. It is their goal to guide growers toward a more profitable crop.

Click here for varieties offered this season. Then contact your local Agent for more information.

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