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    Make your operation Generations Strong by planting Hilleshög sugarbeet seed. Our varieties are bred specifically for your growing conditions and have been since 1907. When you plant Hilleshög, you’ll profit from our genetics with outstanding yields, terrific recoverable sugar per ton and impressive disease tolerance.

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    If your sugarbeets aren’t protected from the inside out with Hilleshög’s disease-tolerant genetics, you need to be on the lookout for profit-robbing pests.

    Download our Disease Management fact sheets and you’ll be able to quickly identify issues in your field and get a jumpstart on finding the fix.

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    Hilleshög in the field

    From our families to yours, we hope you have a safe, wonderful and relaxing time with everyone you love — and, even those requiring a little extra tolerance!

    #hilleshog #thanksgiving #sugarbeet

    When it's crummy outside, it's best to head inside for the sweet stuff — a Hilleshög meeting at Jeremie Larson Farm.

    #hilleshog #americancrystal #sugarbeet

    Hilleshög's fearless leader, Tyler Ring, and Greg Dean, Amalgamated Ag Manager, catching up at BSDF's board meeting in Denver, CO.

    #hilleshog #amalgamated #bsdf #sugarbeet

    What a gorgeous site — finishing up a successful and profitable harvest at sunset!

    #hilleshog #sugarbeet

    Agriculturalists Dillon Swanson and Griffin Schaub, with Grower Jeff Broderius and brother Rick in the lifter in the background. Lifting a strip trial near Hector, MN.

    #hilleshog #southernminn #sugarbeet

    Head of Pathology, Britt-Louise Lennefors, discussing the challenges of Virus Yellows in Europe and the excellent genetic tolerance our sugarbeet varieties bring to the market.

    #hilleshog #sugarbeet

    Michigan Sugar grower Mike Schmidt of Schmidt Farms is seen here harvesting a nice field of HIL2332NT. Mike said this might be their best field this season! ...

    Evan Sonderegger, Area Business Manager for the Amalgamated growing region, preps Hilleshög Agents for a blockbuster season to come — with new varieties!

    #hilleshog #amalgamated #sugarbeet

    Elkton, MI, cooler temps this morning will allow harvest to resume today for Michigan Sugar Growers. It might be a little wet to start, cooler temps brought a 1/2-1 of rain for the growing area. ...

    Oh, the dust! Good thing the beets are in top condition at CCC Hought Farm in Foxhome, MN!

    #hilleshog #southernminn #sugarbeet

    Two 12-row lifters making quick work of a strip trial on Ideal Farms in Breckenridge, MN.

    #hilleshog #americancrystal #sugarbeet

    Clear blue skies and sweet Hilleshög fields can't be beet! This beauty is in Greeley, CO.

    #hilleshög #westernsugar #sugarbeet

    A field of Hilleshög 2366 at D&D Farms east of Buxton, ND looks absolutely incredible!

    #hilleshog #americancrystal #sugarbeet

    Past and present working together. Danial Bublitz, the current MSU Sugarbeet Specialist, is with Steve Poindexter, former MSU Sugarbeet specialist, pulling sugar samples at the Sylvester yield trial.

    #hilleshog #michigansugar #sugarbeet

    Breeder, Bengt Jeppsson, and Head of Breeding and R&D, Joakim Herrstrom. Anyone recognize that symbol behind them?

    #hilleshog #sugarbeet

    What’s in your fields? C’mon, you have a fancy phone in your pocket. Send us your best (or post and tag us) and your pics/videos might end up here — for the whole world to see. PLUS, every month, those who submit will be entered to win some fun freebies.

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